What gas mileage does the 2018 Ford Flex get?

We are often concerned with gas mileage more than anything when we shop for cars. Regardless of what we spend on the vehicle, we want to know that we’re going to be saving some cash at the pumps. Large SUVs get a bad rap when it comes to gas mileages because they are generally seen as bulky gas guzzlers. What about the Ford Flex? Read more to find out how efficient it is.

2018 Ford Flex fuel economy

We’ll get right to the numbers and talk about other stuff after that. The new Flex averages up to 23 highway MPG and 16 city MPG, which is good for an average fuel economy of 19 MPG. There, that’s all you came here for, right? Well, why are those numbers the way they are? The boxy Flex is among the more efficient models in its class and that is partly due to its engine specifications.


2018 Ford Flex engine specs

All trim levels except the Limited EcoBoost feature the same engine. Under the Flex’s hood is a standard six-cylinder, 3.5L engine with 290 horsepower. The Limited EcoBoost, meanwhile, sports the same sized engine but with 365 horsepower. The Flex also produced 254 lb.-ft. of torque. This power should be more than enough for most drivers. Even with its strong engine, the Flex’s highway fuel economy in the mid-20s is more than respectable. The 2018 Flex also comes available with intelligent all-wheel drive. Basically, this is an all-wheel drivetrain that is connected to a system that can detect when all-wheel drive is needed. The system can apply the drivetrain automatically as needed.

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