How much space is there in the Ford Flex?

The Ford Flex seems to be a bit of an under-the-radar SUV in the automaker’s lineup. Make no mistake, it is a wonderful vehicle that simply has been “competing” with other great Ford SUVs like the Explorer, Edge, and Escape. Based on body length, the Flex is the largest Ford SUV available, but what about the interior? Keep reading to learn more about the Flex’s cargo space and more. 

2018 Ford Flex cargo capacity

We know that most people who drive an SUV do so because they generally have more room to store cargo, groceries, or whatever else. SUVs almost always have more room than sedans, and sometimes even more so than certain pickups. SUVs are the most versatile vehicles on the market, due to their size, engine performance, and multi-terrain abilities. The Flex, in particular, comes with a big, 3.5-liter V6 engine with 290 horsepower. But enough about that, we’re here for something else. 

The Flex’s interior is as spacious and wide open as any. The maximum interior cargo volume is an impressive 83.2 cubic feet. That beats out all of Ford’s other SUVs by a healthy margin. As for the passenger space, the Flex again takes home the highest ratings among Ford SUVs. 156 cubic feet of space is available to those inside, so you won’t ever feel too cramped, even on the craziest of family road trips. Other specs of the 2018 Ford Flex are as follows: 117.9″ wheelbase, 254 lb.-ft. of torque, 18.6 G fuel tank, 2,000 lbs. maximum trailer weight. 

Come on in and check out the Ford Flex! Its unique shape and style are instantly recognizable, but the interior is where all the glamour is. You just need to see it for yourself. 

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