2018 Ford Focus safety features

Safety is always our top concern and it should be yours too. Most vehicles prioritize safety, and that’s especially true for compact cars. Smaller cars are inherently more at risk of damage. This is because a road accident between a small car and a large car will almost always be worse for the small one. The Ford Focus is far from being a tiny car, but it is a compact hatchback and it does come with a load of safety features. Continue reading to learn how you and your family will stay safe inside of the 2018 Ford Focus. 


Short for Blind Spot Information System, BLIS® gives drivers a whole new sense of their surroundings. Heighten your awareness with this available feature and never be surprised by someone creeping into your blind spot again. BLIS® will subtly notify you that your blind spot is occupied by activating a light on your corresponding side-view mirror.

Rear-view camera

Every 2018 Ford Focus comes standard with a backup camera. It will activate as soon as you put your Focus in reverse and you will see what’s behind you on the car’s touchscreen display. It’s important that you still check your surroundings when backing up and use the rearview camera as a crutch.

Cross-traffic alert

This available feature is like steroids to the backup camera. Sometimes, it can still be hard to see who or what is coming behind you. Cross-traffic alert will let you know when a car is approaching you from behind as you back out of a parking spot. You won’t have to struggle back up out of the mall’s parking lot anymore! Other available safety features include lane-keep assist, active park assist, and reverse sensing.

Contact me today to check out the Ford Focus.


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