2018 Ford Mustang performance

The Ford Mustang has continuously been a game changer for decades. As the pure epitome of what it means to be a muscle car, the Mustang comes with lofty expectations and they are always met. The newest Mustang features some of the most power we have ever seen from the brand, and it is sure to wow anyone who gets behind the wheel. Keep reading to learn about the 2018 Ford Mustang’s performance details. 

How powerful is the 2018 Ford Mustang?

The base trim level of the Ford Mustang comes with an inline-four-cylinder engine, not a V6, which may surprise some people. However, that base 2.3-liter I4 engine has 310 horsepower and produces 350 pound-foot or torque at 3,000 RPM. That engine is found on all Mustang EcoBoost models.

Now, when we go to the GT we see quite a difference under the hood. The GT Fastback and Convertible each feature a V8 engine (tomato juice not included) of 5.0 liters. This massive motor is powered by 460 horses and puts out a whopping 420 pound-foot of torque at 4,600 RPM. Whether you want a little more efficiency or a little more power, you won’t be disappointed. Driving a new Mustang up the on-ramp and down the freeway is truly exhilarating.

2018 Ford Mustang fuel economy

With all of that engine power, you might be thinking that the Mustang sacrifices fuel economy. Well, the base EcoBoost model actually averages up to 32 highway MPG and 21 in the city. Most drivers long to see the number 30 when discussing gas mileage. Meanwhile, the GT model still averages 25 MPG on the highway and 16 in the city.

Give me a call or click here to schedule a VIP appointment with me, Genuine Jim to learn more about the latest Mustang. This iconic car is just waiting to be driven, so don’t make it wait any longer.

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