How does the 2018 Ford F-150 drive in snow?

Living in Lethbridge means snow is everywhere for so much of the year. Sorry, I won’t keep reminding everyone of that. With that being said, many people in Lethbridge would love to have a vehicle that handles almost as well in the winter as it does in the summer. Lots of drivers love the Ford F-150 for its capabilities, but how capable is it in the snow? Let’s explore that for a moment. 

2018 F-150 winter driving 

Most vehicles experience their fair share of slipping on the roads when snow and ice hits. Even the best tires won’t totally prevent cars or trucks from all of the sliding that goes on in the snow. However, certain models are much better equipped to handle the brutal forces of nature that come with the shorter days. The F-150 is one of those vehicles. The F-150’s outstanding capabilities extend to driving in the snow. There are things that drivers can do to maximize the handling of their pickup in the winter.

A 4×2 drivetrain is the base drivetrain found on the new F-150, and it is solid at helping to gain traction on a snowy or icy road. However, if you know you will be driving your truck through snow and ice frequently, we suggest upgrading that it to a 4×4 model. The all-wheel drive will immensely improve your handling and your whole driving experience will be enhanced. 

All-season tires are another way you can ensure that you will slip and slide as little as possible. Contrary to all-terrain tires, all-season tires are designed to withstand different temperatures, weather, and other variables that come with winter. All-terrain tires are ideal if you go off-road often but all-season tires are the most practical option. The F-150 is already an extremely versatile and capable, but when properly equipped, some might describe is as untouchable. 

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