What is the cargo capacity and passenger volume of the 2018 Ford Explorer?

There’s no question that sport utility vehicles are a hot item these days, and it makes complete sense when you think about it. SUVs have so much to offer, especially if you happen to be part of a family. These vehicles have become hugely popular with families on account of the passenger volume and cargo volume available. Trips to Grandma’s house are much more enjoyable when people can stretch out and you can fit in everything you need to fit in. Ford offers a number of SUV models, including the Explorer, which is again available for the new model year. What is the cargo capacity and passenger volume of the 2018 Ford Explorer? Read ahead for the details! 

Available passenger and luggage room

Do you have a large family? Perhaps you take frequent road trips with your friends? Whatever the case may be, you are in luck with the 2018 Ford Explorer. This roomy vehicle has seating for as many as seven passengers, with a total passenger volume of 4,289 L. That’s three rows of comfortable seating, which can fit as many as seven people, or six if you choose the available second-row bucket seats. If you are using each row on a family trip, you still have 595 L of luggage room to work with. If you fold that third row down, you can increase the cargo space to 1,243 L for even more space. Finally, if you do not intent to use any of the seats behind the front row, you can fold those down and open up the 2018 Ford Explorer to a grand total of 2,314 L of luggage volume. Whether you are looking to bring along everyone’s bags for a week-long trip, or if you just need some added room for adventurous items like your skis or other equipment, the 2018 Ford Explorer has you covered.

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