Spring car cleaning tips

March is finally here and that means warm weather is around the corner (I hope, at least). It’s been a long, dreadful winter and if you’re like most people you have probably neglected your car’s cleanliness over the last few months. Why would you wash your car if you know it’s just going to get dirty again in five minutes? You wouldn’t! Now that it’s finally starting to get close to spring, read up on some cleaning tips. 

Don’t forget your carpet 

When we think of cleaning or washing cars, the first steps are usually the body and the dashboard area. You will see the biggest differences, however, when you revamp your carpeting and seating upholstery. Just a damp cloth is enough to clear away debris like crumbs or dirt. If you can get your hands on some kind of carpet cleaning machine, it will do wonders for you. 


Stay organized 

Get your compartments cleaned out and keep only things you need. Cars often become cluttered with receipts and junk that is just easily thrown aside. Clear out your glove box, consoles, back seats, and side pockets and you will feel like you’re driving a new car. 

Clean the little things 

Take time to wipe out your cup holders and shine your grille and mirrors. It’s often the little details that make a car stand out. Just five or ten extra minutes can make all the difference between a clean car and a sparkling car. 

Replace your wiper blades

Winter can be the death of your wiper blades. Wiping away heavy snow and sharp ice chunks is enough to ruin your blades. Go get a couple new ones and you will thank us later. New wiper blades are underrated and much needed after a harsh winter. 

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